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Don’t Treat your Company Like a Museum

In a podcast interview with Reed Hoffman, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix made the insightful comment that in regards to culture success is less about preserving than it is about improving. Too many leaders worry about preserving culture as if it is some sort of museum piece…

Data before Dogma and the Over-hyped Millennial

It has become a stale dogma about all the differences with “millennials these days.”  When this comes up in meetings I attend or talks I give, the millennial representatives almost universally roll their eyes. They know (as those older should as well) that the issue of people is messy and complex. …

It is Time to be Less Tolerant

Today’s political environment brings out the fact that we need to be tolerant of a viewpoints. This should continue and increase. In the world of work, there are lots of areas that would benefit the organization if we were LESS tolerant. Here are several that come to mind:

The Intentional Intrepid Effect

A good friend of mine is on a twenty day guided trek through the Himalayas. The ripple effects of great models can include both pressure and permission. One might call it the Intentional Intrepid Effect….

Avoiding Organizational Indigestion Syndrome

Organizational Indigestion Syndrome is the unfavorable condition that occurs when an organization tries to do too much at once — and can be a major growth inhibitor. Focus helps, but there are some often over-looked approaches…

Master Monkey Mind to Grow Faster

Monkey mind is a state of mind in with our mind restlessly jumps around from thought to thought to thought. The workplace is a hive of monkey mind. The primary job of leaders is to both manage their own focus and also train others to manage theirs…and grow fast.