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Feedback – it’s ONLY Breakfast

Feedback may be the breakfast of champions, but it is ONLY breakfast. If we don’t do something with that feedback, then another champion will eat our lunch. Once a person receives feedback, they need to do something with it.

Feeling Stuck in Leadership Patterns

Sometimes leaders feel stuck in a straight-jacket of behaviors. Sometimes the reason is that they just don’t know that other (potentially more effective) behaviors are available. Some leaders have fallen in love with their faults. Some leaders are superstitious…

Whale Talk and the Jonah Complex

Maslow had a way with words. He is most famous for the Hierarchy of Needs. My vote is for the Jonah Complex. According to Wikipedia the Jonah complex is the fear of success which prevents self-actualization, or the realization of one’s potential.[1][2] It is the fear of one’s own greatness, the evasion of one’s destiny, or the avoidance of exercising one’s talents.[1][3] While Jonah ran from his fate/responsibility/ability I don’t think he is alone in running.