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Realized Gains or Paper Gains

In finance a paper gain is a gain that has not been realized yet. If a stock we own rises we only realize the gain if we sell and lock in the profit. The same premise is at work in our personal development. We must “lock in” our gains.

Discerning Organizational Disconnects

We are surrounded by disconnects – gaps that keep things from being as good as they could be. For example, in news coverage today there is a disconnect between journalism based on investigation and journalism based on ideology. Leaders must be adept at recognizing disconnects in order to profitably grow their organizations. Organizational disconnects can occur in many areas including talent and strategy.

Reluctant Leaders and the Poison Promotion

When a new leader is struggling in a new role the cause is often diagnosed as a lack of leadership skills. This may be the case, but often the obvious and overlooked point is the impact of preference. In addition to lack of skills is there also a lack of a preference to lead people? In retrospect was the move to a new role actually a poison promotion?

A Day to Remember Silent, Noble Service

In our busy, day-to-day lives, it takes a formal day for us to pause and reflect.  Memorial Day honors those that have died while serving in our armed forces.  It is humbling that so many have given their lives in service.  It is also remarkable that many have served...

How and Why to take “Cold Plunges” at Work

Cold plunges and cold showers are a popular component of athletic performance routines. Taking metaphorical “cold plunges” can also have tremendous impact on our growth as leaders. The benefits include improved perspective, accelerated learning, discovery of new abilities and renewed enthusiasm for goals. Here’s three ways to do it…

String Theory of Leadership

Leadership is like a string in two ways: we can push or pull. “Pushing on a string” is exhausting and has limited utility, including in organizations. Pulling works, but is limited to the extent that your force is greater than the possible resistance.