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Be on Guard

Guard your minutes or you will lose your moments: moments to make a difference, work on the big things, discern key trends, savor an experience, make a correction, and a host of other potential opportunities. Junk food is defined as food empty of nutritional content....

It is Not all in Your Head

Most coaching for leader or workplace effectiveness is focused on the mental aspects: developing perspective, emotional intelligence, projecting positivity, etc.—all worthy topics. However, there are also physical aspects that should not be ignored and that cannot be...


While low engagement is flogged as a leading cause of poor business performance, incompetence is an obvious, but often, down-played factor. Leaders don’t like to talk about it. Even “experts” like to gloss over it…


When people say they are not creative they are practicing a form of self-amputation. Creativity is not limited to artists. Creativity is not limited to technology or products….

Garbage Solving

People (all with good intentions) try to solve too much. They try to solve everything with one grand, elegant strategy when sometimes we just need a net and some focus to get rid of the garbage….

Open to New Opportunities

Often when we see this phrase (especially on LinkedIn) it means “I’m looking for work,” but we should all be on the lookout for new opportunities to learn and grow.