Alpha Performance Coaching grows innovative organizations and helps leaders dramatically improve organizational effectiveness.  Leaders rely on us for novel insights and practical approaches that propel organizational success.  We help leaders in a variety of areas including strategy, innovation and getting the best out of top talent.

Clients consistently report:

  • stronger leadership and management capabilities
  • more effective and engaged teams
  • key talent working even more effectively
  • improved execution across the organization

What Clients are saying

Gary’s coaching and support has made a significant impact on me both personally and professionally.  His insights into my behavior and guidance around business challenges have helped me think more strategically about the future of my organization and will ultimately result in a stronger more sustainable company.




I have worked with Gary Covert for the past few years and have been very pleased with our results. Gary has helped me think more strategically about becoming a results driven leader. I am always impressed with Gary’s ability to synthesize a problem I am experiencing at my company and work with me on a variety of strategic approaches to solving them.




Gary, I want to take a moment to thank you for the work / coaching that you did with me this past year. Your individualized plan really tailored to the areas that I needed some awareness and coaching. I really appreciated the time taken to do verbal 360’s with the folks I have the pleasure to work with, that really opened my eyes to how people see me in certain situations. The advice and coaching is paying dividends to me personally and professionally. Thanks for the help.

VP and General Manager Fortune 500 Company

After achieving a level a fairly high level of success in my business life running a large group practice system and rapidly growing insurance company I found myself disheartened because my life was out of balance. Gary helped me to quickly course correct into a lifestyle that nurtured success throughout my life both personally and professionally without deeply intruding on any one aspect and for that I cannot recommend him enough.

Multi-practice owner and CEO

I recently had the pleasure of engaging in a coaching relationship with Gary Covert.  I was very impressed with Gary’s ability to quickly identify areas for development and recommend pertinent materials that addressed the issues that were on my mind.  His passion for the coaching style of leadership was infectious and I observed myself modeling his techniques after a few short sessions.  We also started to work through the Harrison Assessment, which proved to be a valuable insight on my abilities as CEO of a small business.  The Harrison Assessment is very comprehensive and has provided me with an abundance of materials and exercises to improve my skill set as a leader… I highly recommend anyone looking to develop their leadership style to speak with Gary Covert.

Business owner and CEO

During my sessions with Gary I am consistently finding out new things about myself while learning how to utilize my strengths for leverage in both my personal and business lives. Gary has an uncanny knack of being able to change my perspective of my life’s events or my interpretation of my own thoughts and actions. This has not only broken down barriers that I had built up in my head but allowed me to think radically about my goals, values and what is truly important to me.
If you are looking to take off in certain aspects of your business or personal life, Gary can be that spark that lifts you off.

Business owner

Gary Covert helps us immensely with the human side of business.


Gary Covert – Founder

Gary is an experienced global business professional working with high performing leaders and teams.  Organizations engage with Gary to develop their top leaders for new roles, new challenges, new environments, new teams and new levels of performance.  Gary works one-on-one with top leaders to help them meet the ongoing challenges of running effective organizations in challenging environments.

With over 15 years of domestic and international management and leadership experience, Gary brings unique insights and approaches that help business professionals lead thriving organizations.

Gary earned a BA in Japanese from Arizona State University and a MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.